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Chimney Cleaning

We seal your fireplace opening. Clean your chimney using manual brushes and power rods. An industrial filtered vacuum, collects all the soot, blockages etc. After sweeping a smoke pellet is place in the opening to check the draw of the chimney. We will then then issue a NACs certificate.

Rotary Power Sweeping

Rotary power sweeping is a 21st century technique used by the modern chimney sweep to effectively sweep even the most tarry of flues, whilst putting far less pressure onto the walls of the flue than would be caused by the more traditional sweeping methods.

A hand held cordless drill is used to send specialist flexible rods up the flue, fitted to the lead rod is a constantly spinning brush which looks rather like a large spider. Without putting any pressure on the flue wall whatsoever the brush actively cleans the flue very effectively.

No mess, no fuss!

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